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Texas Prompt Payment Act


Lawyers Represent Doctors and Hospitals Paid Less Than They Were Owed by Health Insurance Companies

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The Texas Prompt Pay laws require health insurance companies to pay medical provider's (Doctors and Hospitals) claims within certain limited time frames or be subject to penalties and interest. Not receiving proper payment for services performed by the Doctor or Hospital can put unnecessary financial strain on the medical provider.

We investigate potential claims to determine if our Doctor and Hospital clients were not paid properly under their contract by one or more health insurance companies. If we are able to determine a client was not paid what they were due under their contract, then we make a claim on their behalf through a binding arbitration process.


Contingent Fee Arrangement

We work with a data analysis expert to analyze potential claims. If you are interested, we are available to explain this process to you at no expense. If we determine from reviewing your bills and contracts that you are entitled to more money under your contract with the health insurance companies than you were paid, we will accept your claim on a contingency basis. That means we front all of the expenses for this process. You do not pay anything. We only get our expenses back and get paid a fee if we are able to collect on the claim on your behalf.


Your Legal Rights

The ultimate goal of our program is to identify claims that were not paid properly, if any, and to get the health insurance companies to honor their contracts with you and to pay you what you are owed under those contracts and Texas law.

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Our Lawyers Can Help You

We represent doctors and hospitals throughout the State of Texas and we can help you too, wherever your practice is located within the State.

If you are interested in having our lawyers evaluate a potential claim or you would like to learn more about this process, please call us toll free at 800.581.4313 or submit this online contact form.

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